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I am Successful

“Friends” on Facebook have motivated me to write what’s on my mind. I’d rather say what I have to say here instead of FB. Also, Twitter and their damned 140 character limit is not enough. Several of my “friends” are fortunate enough to have a FB page to post their disdain and hatred for the President of the United States. They use policies of the current administration to mask their true hatred of the President. I am WAY old enough to remember when Clinton was in office and I do not recall such hatred towards him just because he was a Democrat. He had some of the same rhetoric as Obama and he is still a HUGE influence in the Democratic party. I’m NPA (No Party Affiliation) just in case you were assuming, I think for myself. Obama won a 2nd term and I know that it is “scary” that a man of color is the Commander in Chief of the United States. I, too, am still amazed that a man of color is the President for not one, but two terms. It’s time to get over it and MOVE ON.

I am also amazed that very few people, especially the media, still continue to portray successful black men in such a biased way. Far before Obama was elected, most of the so called “successful”  black men were “ballers”, aka. professional athletes. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Walter Payton, Kobe Bryant and many others were considered “great” not because of their intelligence but because of their athletic abilities. White folks paid them BIG money to “perform.” Jump, leap, perform to do what they can do best because that’s what black men do. Dance, smile, run, jump and entertain. Unfortunately, black folks bought into this idea as well. In order to be successful in this country, one must be an athlete. An entertainer for the masses. Use your body instead of you brain to be successful. If you can’t get an athletic scholarship, you can’t get into college.

Hold the phone. This is where I call BULLSHIT.

I have to use myself for this example but I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of black men today  that are successful are not athletes. I am not an athlete even though I love sports. I am not 6’4″ and I cannot run very fast. I cannot dunk a basketball unless it’s the one for little kids that’s made of plastic.  I cannot tackle a 300 lb man unless I use my truck. But you know what, I fought in a war, put myself through college, bought a house and have 2 great kids and a very cool job. I consider myself a successful, 5’6″ black man whether society and mainstream media wants to acknowledge me and so many like me or not.  There will be a day that intelligent black men like me will be acknowledged and appreciated. Until then, I will continue to do the best that I can.

Shuck and jive. Whatever.

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  • Jeff Stephens

    Well said! And, they pretty much hated Clinton too. I remember during his first inauguration when he was walking down the street, they were already starting with him. They couldn’t wait to get him. The Obama rhetoric is definitely over the top from the critics. But, such is politics.

    Thanks for your service, by the way.

  • Marvi Marti

    I am one of those ‘friends’ that posts things. I’m also a democrat and even admit to being been inclined to vote for Obama in the first term until I dug deeper and read one of his books and realized his agenda was so against what I believed in.

    Color (you know you are my Twitter crush) or gender is never an issue with me, but agenda is and I believe he is a socialist and is ruining this country.

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