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Ladies: 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dating a Man Over 40

10) He is no longer a “fixer upper.” At 40+, he is well versed in shaving and grooming. He no longer needs someone to tell him to trim the ear and nose hair. By now, he knows it gross.

9) There is an 85% chance that he knows how to cook. Very well. At 40+, fast food is no longer an option. There’s a REALLY good chance that he will cook for you.

8) He makes the bed every morning. At 40+, he’s past the age of getting blind drunk on the weekends and face planting on a pile of dirty clothes on the bed.

7) At 40+, most men have multiple hobbies. Some of them might be dangerous. But when you want a girl’s night out, your 40+ man will probably say, “No problem. Have a good time. I’ll just be here blowing shit up.”

6) At 40+, he should be making a decent salary. “Dutch” is no longer in his vocabulary and he should treat you for dinner and drinks out (old school).

5) Ask him anything. At 40+, he should answer any of your questions honestly. If you can’t handle his honesty, then it’s time for you to go back to the minor leagues.

4)  There is a good chance that he has kids. If he talks about his kids a lot, that’s a sign that he is a good father. Relish it. If he loves and takes care of his own kids, there is a good chance that he will be cool with yours.

3) DO NOT try to change him. At 40+, most men are set in their ways. If anything, try to take his mannerisms and personality to exemplify him.

2) TALK TO HIM. Please talk to your 40+ year old man. He will listen. Even at this age, he still has not mastered the art of mind reading. But he’s mostly likely to know at this age that he needs to listen to his woman.

1) LOVE HIM. Accept him for his flaws, his past and his future with you. Celebrate the things that are great about him. Be thankful that a 40+ year old man is taking a chance with you. He might have been through hell and back and just needs a nice lady to rest his weary head on. He will love you for that. Forever.

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